About Winning Kids

What Is Winning Kids Karate

  • Winning Kids is a non-profit company that is committed to changing lives in a positive manner through martial arts.
  • Offer martial arts training for children and families at a very affordable cost.
  • Provide children and families with a positive role models to help influence “positive thinking” and good citizenship.
  • Help increase the physical condition of our students through our fun and exciting classes and seminars.
  • Offer a program where parents can become involved and help their child.
  • Teach children alternatives to violence through role playing and other activities.
  • We specialize in increasing children’s self-confidence, self-discipline and self-esteem.
  • Teach children awareness, prevention and effective self-defense techniques.
  • We will introduce, explain, and make available traditional martial arts uniforms for each child who is interested.
  • As progression occurs in martial arts, students will be offered the opportunity to meet and train with high ranking martial artists from the USA and worldwide.
  • Provide fundraiser opportunities to assist with providing at need children & families the benefits of martial arts.
  • Our instructors are thoroughly trained to teach our program and they are required to stay current in our instructor certification program.
  • In areas where our instructors are appropriately trained, we are able to place a focus on specific educational & developmental disabilities and physical handicaps.